So with Shadow videos taking a bit longer to do, I thought I redo an old favorite LP of mine from a few years ago.

Sonic CD is one of those love/hate games, despite it being a "classic" game. With its huge levels, redbook audio and surreal levels and bosses, it really feels a bit out of place compared to the other genesis games.

Per usual with Sonic games, we're introduced to some new characters:


Amy Rose, who's been around longer than this game, makes her game debut. You don't really see her pop up aside from the first level and around the end. There's Metal Sonic, who pops up whenever he feels like it. We'll be seeing him throughout the game via holograms.

For this, I'll be aiming for all Good Futures for each act, which requires destroying all the robot teleporters in each act. There are Metal Sonic holograms as well but they aren't required for a Good Future, but we'll get them anyway. There's the Time Stones to collect, but that's a given.

With me for this LP is just Metroixer and I'll just say this here: This is Met's LP. Dude loves Sonic CD so I'm giving him every chance to just go on and on. Go nuts, Metty.